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Monday, September 12, 2011

Belong Fishing..sea sick pirate fish crazy party..(the video)

More video to watch and subscribe on our YouTube channel here-> Anglers Belong

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sea sick pirate belong fish party!

Belong style!....u know what that means?..its ok..it's just some crazy shits of us..:)
Been waiting for this trip for so many years..hard to get spot on this boat..highly in demand..obviously because of the captain's good knowledge of the sea and the system that he uses when drifting..Pettttt!!!!!!!

3 days 2 nights trip...12 hours out to the South China Sea from Sarawak Boat Club at Santubong.
Generally good weather,just a little bit choppy on the second day and rain on the early morning of the third day.
Anyway..despite my bad seasick..it was a great trip with lotsa great catches and moments..Belong!!!!!!
The Boy!

The Belong Team..

Bend it like Beckham!

The angry boy..



this is what we live for...

first cast is the deepest...

belong style..

heading out

Money Shot...Loco!First drop..first fish..great start of the trip.

The intro to the giants...

Leaving the land...where the Goddess rest well...

Thanks to this gift by Taku from Japan...it caught a lot of fish already.

The moment I always enjoy before the moment I always suffer..

The Belong Team,including the cameramen and the fish cutter :)

The calm before the storm..

Sure...you can touch it..


big grouper for the oldtimer...

The dolphins want some attentions..


baits ready...

wake up and smell the fishes...


bird need some rest too..


another morning..another fight..


big boy...


best catch...

seven stars fish...trophy catch.

Until the next trip...Belong!!!!


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