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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fly fishing in Borneo

Loco is back to town and brought with him 2 fly fishing sets from Paris.
This method of fishing is still an alien in Kuching...and this evening we tried it at a touristic beach with a lot of people having picnic at the beach and they had something new to watch beside the sunset,wave and the hornbill sculpture.
The tide was a little bit high..

Perfect time of the day for fishing..

but not the right time of the month..

It's full moon !!!...

But its OK,as long as you can practice..

with big space behind you..

and big sea in front of you..

the sky was a little bit hazy..

the sun was hiding...

getting better and better...

cast after cast..

the haze took away the beautiful sunset...

fly on the water

more line out..

tango in the water..

the hornbill that never fly...

the beach with lovers on Saturday evening...

new French specialty,the fly..

'Petite problem, Loco?' 

Well..there were some small fish chasing the fly but no hook up...
Till next time..tight line..or should I say,bend it like Beckham?!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Island trolling...some months ago.

Barracuda and spanish mackerel.
Long long kamalong..
Short hair Maton..
Prize catch..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fisherman adrift for 106 days in Pacific says shark led him to rescuers

A man who survived while adrift in the Pacific for 106 days is crediting a shark for helping to save his life.

Toakai Teitoi, 41, a policeman from the Central Pacific island nation of Kiribati, had been traveling with his brother-in-law on what was supposed to be a short voyage, beginning May 27, from the Kiribati capital of Tarawa to his home island of Maiana.

But the mariners decided to fish along the way, and fell asleep during the night. When they awoke they were far at sea and adrift in their 15-foot wooden vessel. They soon ran out of fuel, and were short on water.

"We had food, but the problem was we had nothing to drink," Teitoi told Agence France-Presse news service.

Dehydration was severe. Falaile, the 52-year-old brother-in-law, died on July 4. That night, Teitoi slept next to him, "like at a funeral," before an emotional burial at sea the next morning.

Teitoi shared scant details of the ordeal after arriving in Majuro, in the Marshall Islands, on Saturday. He said he prayed the night Falaile died, and the next day a storm arrived and, over the next several days, he was able to fill two five-gallon containers with fresh water.

Days and weeks passed, however, and Teitoi, a father of six, did not know whether he'd live or die. He subsided mostly on fish and protected himself against the searing tropical sun by curling up in a small, covered portion of the bow.

It was on the afternoon of Sept. 11 that he awoke to the sound of scratching against his boat. A six-foot shark was circling the boat and, Teitoi said, bumping against its hull.

"He was guiding me to a fishing boat," Teitoi said. "I looked up and there was the stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me."

The first thing he asked for after he was plucked from the water was a cigarette, or "a smoke." He was given food and juice and his rescuers continued to fish for several days before delivering him to Majuro.

Teitoi, who seemed in good health, said he booked flights back to his home island, adding, "I'll never go by boat again."

The record for drifting at sea is believed to be held by two fishermen, also from Kiribati, who were at sea for 177 days before coming ashore in Samoa in 1992

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'd Rather Be Fishing

I'd rather be fishing, Than talking to you,
At least when I'm fishing, I know what to do.
I'd rather hold a blue gill in my hand,
Than get hit on the head, with a frying pan.

I'd rather be fishing, than look at your face,
At least the fish, don't get on my case.
I'd rather get in a fight, with an alligator garr,
Than put up with your daily naggin by far.

I'd rather be fishing, any old day,
Than stay home with you, and try to play.
I'd rather untangle a backlashed line,
Than spend an evening with you, sipping wine.

Do I love fishing, or do I love you?
I know it's gotta be one of the two.
To know the answer is what I'm wishing,
Maybe I'll think of it, while I'm fishing.

By Juan Olivarez

Saturday, September 15, 2012

From Layar to Krian...

It's been a while that we don't go fishing to this river,due to busy life style that this modern world required.And two days ago we just decided to 'escape' for a retreat for a while. 

Another journey to the nature
We get to the town of Betong around half past six in the morning and had our old time favourite breakfast,the Mi Rangkai or the Kolok Mee as the Sarawakian known it at general. After buying some food,including 2 kilos of pork meat for barbeque by the river,we headed to Nanga Spak where the boat men and his assistant waiting for us. 

The river water was slightly murky but it is just perfect for lure fishing,since it blurs the visual of the fish.If the water was too crystal clear after a long spell of no rain,the fish can recognize the lure easily and wont take a strike on the lure. By half past seven we were already drifting down the river and not long after few casts,a big strike was received.It was a big Runtu,the upper river snakehead.But after reeling it for few meters,it lost the hook and claimed its freedom,at least for this time around. 

Welcome to Paradise...
Another strike few minutes down the area,this time was stronger...most probably it was an Empurau,the Malaysian Masheer..it doesn't have a vertical stripe on its body like its cousin Adong(Hampala Barb) or the three stripes Juak, or the smaller cousin Semah.The size was at least 3kg,and it fought so strong until the 2 hooks(total 6 hooks) went straight....we just get a glimpse of it in the water before its disappeared before our eyes. 

It was not too long for a quiet time before another strike,and came on board a decent size Runtu.It has a beautiful pattern on its scales,similar to a python,probably that is how they get their name. After this strike,we get few more strikes,some from the Supit,the Archer fish,which is one of the less favorite species since they are not really good fighters.But none landed until we reach a lower part of the river...this was where we saw a show of the nature,the hunting by Adong...we can see a school of small fish jumping out of the water not far from the river bank.This is the best sign of the existence of Adong in the area...it is hunting,and this the state when it is very aggressive and attack anything that move in the water. All three of us were casting at the same area...but no strike until the third cast,and it was until the spoon lure was reel almost reaching the boat.The strike was strong,but the reel was fully locked and not giving any chance for the fish to run far or swim into the drifted woods in the water which if happens,will increase the chance for the fish to escape.So,welcome on board to the beautiful clear water upper river species,Adong,one of the most favorite sport fishing targets for upper river. 

Dream place for a retreat..
After this strike,we landed few more Runtu all the way down the river before we took a lunch break on the pebble bank of the river under the shade of a hundreds years old ancient tree. We start an open fire and made a simple barbeque set out of drift woods and big rocks.Slow fire and the heat from the burning woods gave a special aroma to the jungle and the hungry fishermen.As always,dining in the middle of the jungle by a beautiful river is always special,simple barbeque pork,fresh catch fish and your sauce is just sea salt...no spoon,fork or steak knife,but your bare hand,no porcelain plate,but big wild giant leaf as your plate.Save the the washing or pollution from disposable plates and cutlery. 

Just like python,you feel sleepy after a big meal,but we keep on casting...we drifted down for few more kilometers down the river before we start the boat engine for the first time of the day and headed up the river,more upper from the point we started,Nanga Spak. We get few strikes but none landed.So by sun set,we call it the day. 

We spend the night at the town,at a brand new 2 stars hotel,the biggest and the finest in the town. We went out for dinner and past an 'entertainment' place,but it was not really appealing,so we went back to the hotel and call it the night after watching The Mask of Zorro. 

Crystal clear water flowing down from the mountain.
The original plan was to head back straight to Kuching the next morning...but its feel not enough fishing(its never enough),so made a spontaneous move by heading further,to another hometown,Saratok.We entered the Ulu Krian road,and stop at a bridge,over a crystal clear water river. 

No boat waiting for us this time..after asking for direction from some kids that playing at the river ,we walk town the river and start casting,with some new lures that we bought that morning at a shop at the Betong town. 

Can you hear the trees speaking the words of wisdom?
It didn't take long before we get a strike from Runtu and landed..and a strike later from Adong,but didn't hooked up. Not far later,we reached a longhouse,one nice lady and her daughter that just finished their afternoon bath and washing at the river invited us to their longhouse...before her sister took us to the room of the Tuai Rumah,the Headman of the longhouse.His wife was kind enough to let us use their old boat.We wanted to rent it but she said it was not worth to rent,just use it for free.We joke with her that we will take the boat all the way back to Betong.She just laugh and said something like 'Good Luck'. 

There was no paddle on this boat,just two wooden stick,that not long enough for some deeper parts of the river. We guess that the fish in this river never see artificial lure in their life,even if they have,its maybe once in a blue moon.

We receive more strikes here compare to the day before at a different river.Just that the size of the fish here is smaller,maybe because the river is smaller,its a subsidiary river to the Krian river. Its not easy to fish on a small boat,its not stable and you have to control it yourself,no boatman and no assistant. 

We fished until its almost dark,we caught more fish here,four Runtu and three Adong,compare to three Runtu and two Adong the day before. We gave all the fish to the Tuai Rumah and some money that he reluctantly accepted. We walked back to our car that park by the bridge.After a long day standing and squatting on the boat, and pushing and pulling the boat at the shallow parts of the river gave me some muscle cramps after a few minutes walking up the hill on the way back to the car. 

After changing our wet cloths,we drove back to Kuching,we made a stop for dinner at rest area at Simpang Ulu Layar. The journey back always feel so long when you are tired and sleepy..but always with satisfaction and relief,even just for a small retreat from the routine daily life.

Decent catch of the trip...we caught five jungle perch all together and seven upper river snakehead.

Great reward..but you always want bigger..
One strike was escape,it made the 6 hooks of the Rapala lure straight...most probably it was a 3kg Masheer.

When its get too shallow,you have to pull or push.
The second day at a smaller river with a smaller boat without paddles....

Push it hard..back to the basic when there was no engine..

Teamwork is crucial here..

Those logs are the home for the fish..

It can be very shallow and narrow..

You still have to cast it accurately while balancing yourself on a unstable boat...

Cast it right next to the logs..not on them or over them.Too far before the logs means too far from the fish..too far beyond the logs or on the logs means trouble!

Its almost like walking on a wire...

You just have the privilege to smile like Mr. Matan!

If you can't stand it,you can always squat...

Sometime,its not only fish make home under the logs,it can be the big lizard too!

Its always good to have a friend that can watch your back for you..
The old and rotten tiny boat..

This boat did the job pretty well tho...

Until next time....
We will be back!


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