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Friday, January 30, 2009

Anglers with time frame

It was a quiet day today...but quite interesting.One of the colossoma that we caught was flying out of the water when we reel it out.Thats why we call it Marlin!
And this one also have someone's hook already in its mouth.I took the hook and hooked it to my rod's span for good luck,which I got 3 already. :)
No giant catfish today,just medium size and small size catfish,tilapia and colossoma.
One of the colossoma.

The man!

Fishing...rain or shine

Rain or shine..we still go fishing.
Our normal route to the fishing spot was flooded..the rain was so heavy since the night before.
So,we had to find another way,which is slightly longer..but its ok,as long as we get there.And the time is very limited,just 2 hours left before the land owner close the area.
We came for revenge,for the giant colossoma that took our fishing hooks days before.
One of my rod get dragged into the water today.Luckily we manage to get it back by 'fishing' it,the same way we did to another rod that went 'missing' about a week before.

First catch of the day.Medium size catfish.

The special catfish.They called it OKU or the disabled.We named it 'Kedungkol'.

Finally,this rebel got landed!

Theres already other people's hook that he beat in its mouth!

The brother,which is a little bit smaller.We caught 3 of them today.

Some of the cacth for the day,including our regular sparring partners,the giant catfish.

Finally,we win today.Satisfaction level is unexplanable.But we believe there something bigger down there..that will keep us come back.:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colosoma[Tambaqui (Colosoma macropomum)] attack

Fishing again?Of course,thats why we are called 'kaki nginti',angler in Iban.
We lost our hooks 3 times today to the great kolosoma/pacu,a piranha looking fish,with at least 2rows of razor sharp teeth like saw.
But that make us more determine to get it next time.
Our favourite sign on the way to the fishing ground.

Sunset at one of the fishing spot.

The silent killer...on standby mode.

The maniac...colosoma.The younger brother of our hooks stealer.

Patin..big ha..

Catfish...medium size.

Special designed head of the catfish.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The cruel(or stupid) angler....

And today is the 10th time we are fishing here!
It was not a busy day today,only two catfish,one giant and one medium size.And one badly injured Patin(Mekong Catfish).Someone caught it before us and poke a hole through its stomach and tie through the hole with a rope and plastic bag.What the hell they think they are doing.If you want to kill the fish,bring them home or give it to other people.Or if you want to do CNR,do it properly.You don't have to do that cruel and stupid thing.
We forgot to take picture of the fish because we were to angry!And of course felt very sorry for the fish.Maybe we were meant to be there today,to free the fish from the torture.
Please....respect nature!

Giant catfish and Mekong catfish rush!

This is our No.9 trip to this place.We got addicted...and it get better day by day.
Caught 3 giant catfish weight around 10kg each.
And a lot of Patin(Mekong Catfish),a few of kolosoma,tilapia and 'sultan'.

Chris' first catch and the only one of the day!

The classic picture.

Friday, January 23, 2009

two at once fish

Yesterday we went fishing again...no big catch,but got two new species,patin(catfish) and ketutu.
Here are the photos.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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