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Friday, February 27, 2009

Omega 3 overdosed catfish?

This catfish is caught by my friend this evening.We don't know what is cause that make it happened to the fish.Other friend touch that 'tumor' like thing to feel it.It's soft.
Can anybody here explain this 'paranormal'?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colossoma revenge

We think that it is the same fish.It escape from my line few minutes before that because I didn't release my reel.I was too panic because of the drag and the screaming it cause to my reel that i fully lock it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fishing advices from the 'old timer'.

We were keep asking around about the fish called 'Siong' by the locals.The chinese call 'si hong',some call it song hu.But what we are sure,it's a kind of 'carp' fish.Their diet is mostly on water grass and algae.But in the wild,we never know.
Nobody really sure what bait can you use to lure this fish.But this 'old timer' from a fishing shop told us,you cannot catch this fish by fishing!It won't take any bait.The only way you can get it is by shooting gun that people use to shoot wild boar!Even fishing net will break,he experienced it once.
But,we didn't give up.So,what we did,we made a grass juice,with blender.And mix it with flour and fish pellet.Well,the theory is,this fish eat grass.So the smell of the clorophil from the grass will attrack it.So,officially,we created a new kind of bait,after our first creation 'The Banana'.Now the 'Grass Mix'.The only different is,'The Banana' caught a lot of fish,and this 'Grass Mix'.....none so far.Ermmmm.....

This picture got nothing to do with the topic.Its taken in Sabah by a friend.

The canterpillar that the locals believed it can turn into catfish.

A kind of catfish,'Baung'.

Mekong catfish,here we call it 'Patin'.


Colossoma.Locally called 'Pacu' or 'Picu'.Some just call it Piranha,the cousin.

The teeth.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hunting for the giant snakehead

We still can't get the giant snakehead by casting from the lakeshore.So,we decided to buy a small boat to navigate around the lake.Plus,we heard from a local guy around the lake that there are also another species in the lake,call 'Siong'...which are big and always swimming in a group of 5-7.
Anyway,we went to another place and caught the catfish...just to 'buang gian'.

The giant snakehead territory.

Some anglers trying their luck casting for the snakehead.3 snakeheads about 2-3kg big shown up but didn't catch their lure.

Another view of the lake.

The other part of the lake can be seen from here.But only can be reached by boat.

Sunset is nice here.

The regular catfish.

Patin again.

The ordinary day.

My friend went to Sabah last week and took this picture of the new sea creature at Pulau Manukan.Can anybody here tell me what species is this?

Since someone asked me how is a giant snakehead fish look like,below is the picture of the fish.This fish is one of the best fighter in the tropic fresh water.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Circle of Anglers

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Thank you.

Monkey fish

We were still using the same bait.And more fish 'show up' this time.They really like banana.Thats why we called them monkey fish.Three of us went fishing yesterday,and one of us were stress along the way because he can't land any fish.'Anang stress tuai'!

Our new fishing rod,by Anglia Shandy.

First 'Patin' of the day.Preety good fight.

The special intercooler it has.

As usual,catch and release.Let them grow bigger for better fight.:)

The accidental Colossoma.

Two at once...'double Q',as the chinese boys called it.

Raw taste better!

This one gave great fight.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fishing forever

We went fishing again yesterday.Still using our new bait,banana.But still no colossoma that get attracted to it,one colossoma we caught still prefer the traditional bait,the earth worm.
It was not a busy day...i was lying down and almost sleep!

The new reel,Tomman GT,with flashy light when you reel it in.We called it disco reel!

The 'Sultan' also like banana!

Darlie advertisement.

Environtmental friendly.

What kind of rod is that?Lets take a closer look.

Oh...it's a Seasons,a new leading brand in fishing rod product.

And this is what it caught,a colossoma.Not bad uh!

Beautiful sunset.

Another sunset.I guess you know what you can do when the waiting is so long!Camera can be a good toy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New fishing bait

There was a wise old man named Mr. Sondin told us to use banana to catch the Colossoma (Pacu),and use bomb(the multiple hooks).We took his advice finally....but not using the bomb,because we think its not fair,since our philosophy is 'one bullet one target'.

The new bait,banana!

First catch,Patin.They like banana too?

Patin again....

Where is colossoma?Are they on diet now?

We caught only Patin and Baung...no Colossoma.Maybe another day we'll get that 'interior Marlin' with banana and enjoy the fight of the 'torpedo'.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New fishing spot

Yesterday,we went to a new place,just for the change of the air,and to go away from that 'b@st@rd' fish(baung).
This place is about 45 minutes drive,a small town on to the way to our own hometown.
Its just by the road side.We've been planning to do fishing here so long time ago,but keep on delaying it.

A view of the fishing spot.They say that there are crocodiles in this river!

Another view.The water is dark in colour.

It's near to the road.

We got supporters yesterday.

With the village kids.

The one and only catch.Irronicly,it's the same 'b@sta@rd' Baung that we ran away from!
But it was big and gave a good fight.

View on our way back.

Long and windy road.

It was a good experience.Surrounded by those kids and listening to their talkings,really felt different than any other day.The view also amazing and the surrounding was so peaceful.Sure,we will come back one day.


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