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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sebarau attack !!!

  When I was fishing this evening,I was thinking to write a blog title as,'Haruan pun jadilah'..means,'I'll settle for common snakehead'...since there was no strike at all at the first place we were casting.

   We almost call it the day until we decided to check on a river,whether the water visibility is possible for lure casting.And yes,it was clear enough for lure casting..

    And believe it or not,the first cast received a powerful strike from a decent size Adong (Hampala Barb)....and it was landed by the brand new rod on it's first trip.

   You can have all the best equipments,all the best skills and experiences,the best fishing holes,but luck is still what you need...and today,I think the lady luck was swimming with this fish.. :)

This forest has eyes,I swear it!

That's what I'm talking about...yearghhh!!!

Surprisingly,the water is clear in rainy season.

He ran fast and hard..

The water level is higher due to lots of rain.

You can estimate the size..


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