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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fishing retreat

This was somewhere at the border of Malaysia and Indonesia,deep inside the jungle of Borneo.
We did casting,bottom fishing and a little bit of spearfishing.
Eventhough no action,but the nature and the surrounding worth the escape from the busy city life....or at least,not a pay pond routine drill.

The stream and rapids.

A very basic bamboo bridge.

One of the spots.

Thunderstorm hideout

It was bad,the wave was about 2 meters with strong wind.The boat captain dare not to go out to the deep sea.So,we're just fishing near the shore and behind the island.
There were still some actions tho.


It's still worth the Kodak moment.

No trip without GT.

Handicap match!

Lake Kenyir Toman Hunt

This trip was to hunt for one of the most wanted fresh water fish.It was at Lake Kenyir,Terengganu.

The preparation at the hotel room.

Tired with casting,we tried live bait,baby catfish.

When the waiting get too long...

Change location...and lets call it the day.

It's time to go home now.
The result of the trip?Look at our faces there....


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