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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Beauty and the beast...

This little hidden paradise is located in Bau,at Lorong 9,Jalan Taiton..
Been fishing here for more than 10 years and the amount of trash here getting more and more over the years.This area was featured in one of the Sarawak tourism videos with a scene showing two cyclists riding on a path in between two lakes with nice limestone wall and forest at the edge of the lake.But the video was taken in an angle that only shows the beautiful side of the area.Just slightly further out is the ugly side,which of course,not shown.
The beautiful lake and the limestone hills from a touristic angle...
The untold side..
The ugly truth..
Literally,fishing here can be rubbish!
These are not all...too disgusted and depressed to stay longer to take more pictures...

How long more this place will be neglected?..it's a very potential side for rock climbing,the limestone wall way better than those man made at the shopping malls...there's also a cave here which was created during the coal and gold mining here few decades ago.
Local council and other responsible authorities have to take actions before the trash get taller than the surrounding hills...
Nature is the beauty...we human are the beasts..
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http://www.baudc.sarawak.gov.my/  (Bau District Council)


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