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Monday, October 13, 2014

Borneo | Last Frontier (casting hampala, mahseer, snakehead)

Deep upper river,in the middle of the jungle of Borneo,where the last forest,the final frontier to deforestation,oil palm plantation and mega hidro electric dam project...the native enjoy the bless of their nature and spirits of their ancestor...while it last.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lure On Ear

Intense....nuts...maniac...you name it..
4am...hit the road...5am...surf the sea...fish on...fish off...another good day fishing..

"we left the studio around 4:15am to head out in darkness through Croc waters to the mouth of the ocean and across to the islands…"-Justin Patch

Sunrise in Paradise

Laps around the island


'Good things come to those who wait'-Jon Bon Jovi :)

Good day,mate!!!!

Mr. Barracuda early morning sprinting exercise..

The fish shook off the lure..off the lips, to the ear...

Don't try this at home...or anywhere else

second greeting,this time by Mr.Wahoo..

pretty grumpy early morning.. 
welcome on board...


bleed it right away...our ritual

Happy campers...

*photos by Justin Patch, cast by Mother Nature

Watch the video HERE

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red army attack...

Rough sea,active fish...
Hit a spot with frenzy school of Red Snapper,managed to land 42 of them at this spot,with one Grouper joined in the party... 
Taking off....
One by one...two by two...or..three
Some didn't make safety stop..
A must shot for every good trip...
Exhausted...lets go home.


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