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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GT ...hungry and angry !!!

Big fish are always there...somewhere...sometime... 
They seem to be more hungry and angry in the morning... 
And we were meant to be there to serve them breakfast...

Red and yellow Rapala Marlboro did it again..

Approved by Matan !

It turned darker on land...

There were other fishes,just that they are not Hollywood materials...so they don't make it to the screen near you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alien fish !

Hello again...it's been a while...the storm has gone,at least for a short season...and we are back to the sea...
Revisited the west tip of Borneo again...
Did some trolling,jigging and lure drifting, ( of course bottom..ermm)....
I think this is the most hardworking sea fishing we ever did...totally non stop for almost 24 hours with super short naps in between when changing spots...
Perfect weather,calm surface...just a little bit strong underwater current....but not so much big actions...
Trolling around the islands

Calm water..

Picture perfect..


Looking forward..

Fly fishing in a pail..

Tie the aggressive bestard...

As heavy/light as me..

Reinforcement needed..

The more the merrier...


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