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Monday, February 9, 2009

New fishing spot

Yesterday,we went to a new place,just for the change of the air,and to go away from that 'b@st@rd' fish(baung).
This place is about 45 minutes drive,a small town on to the way to our own hometown.
Its just by the road side.We've been planning to do fishing here so long time ago,but keep on delaying it.

A view of the fishing spot.They say that there are crocodiles in this river!

Another view.The water is dark in colour.

It's near to the road.

We got supporters yesterday.

With the village kids.

The one and only catch.Irronicly,it's the same 'b@sta@rd' Baung that we ran away from!
But it was big and gave a good fight.

View on our way back.

Long and windy road.

It was a good experience.Surrounded by those kids and listening to their talkings,really felt different than any other day.The view also amazing and the surrounding was so peaceful.Sure,we will come back one day.


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