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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Goliath Grouper, GT and Queenfish .... it's the moment !!!!

Hello again...it's been a while...
well...more fishing than blogging.The more you catch,the less you want to take pictures or videos,until you come across to an unusual catch,like in this trip...
This Goliath made my knee shaking while reeling it in...it was not the speed,but the force of it's weight.Caught on a mid diving glow in the dark lure, the first thought was the lure is stucked to the coral,and the second thought was a turtle accidently hooked to the lure...until it ran,slowly,then you know that something not too small is at the end of the line.

It's bigger than me...

What keep an angler casting all day long?
Hope...faith...believe...and experiences...it happened many times before so it will happen again.

Queen on a popper...

This GT took the popper when the lure almost reaches the boat...it came fast from the dark deeper part of the sea cliff and gave a firm strike on the popper.
This very same spot has seen two bigger GT s escaped with the lures.On the first trip, it broke the 60lbs braided main line and on the second trip, it broke the 100lbs wyre leader!!

This time, Pakcik the boat men reversed the boat so the Speedo don't get to run to the rocks and breaks the line again.

Speedo and tail dancer...

Weapons that involved in the battle with the goliath grouper...

Reel:Shimano Jigger LD 2000(2)*(aka Talica outside of Japan) , Rod:Xzoga Takadum PE5G, Lure: Storm Deep Thunder (glow in the dark), Main line: Muzi Power 40lbs, Leader: 80lbs Steel Elephant Power

Video will be uploaded to https://www.youtube.com/user/AnglersTaiton/videos
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Thank you for reading and till we fish again...


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