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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fishing at the tip of Borneo

Just came back from our fishing trip around Tanjung Dato' and the surrounding area.
3 hours boat ride from Sematan to Tanjung Dato,spent the evening there.Try to get as much live bait as we can and at the same time,try to 'play' with the aggressive Parrot fish.
2 strikes on our rods but none get landed.Not our evening.

From Tanjung Dato,2 hours ride across the international water border of Malaysia and Indonesia,to an area called Alor.

Here we got attacked by Barracuda,GT,Sea Snakehead,Grouper and etc.
Some GT got landed,great fight!.One sea snakehead,one lizard shark but no barracuda landed.They just bite the bait half,and even the other fish that we caught,left only the head of the fish to the frustrated angler.:)

Part of the team.

Ok,I take picture.

Its a long ride...take a nap.

Sunset..as always :)

The waiting.

Justin and Griffin...Gandalf and Frodo?


Approaching Tanjung Dato',the west tip of Borneo.

The flying fish.Now everyone can fly!

Nature call.

Posing time.

Not too bad eh!

It's time to go home now...and i got this seasick.

We'll be back in August.Hopefully more GT and can play with the barracuda and parrot fish..and of course,can get rid of that seasick.I'm sick of it!

p/s CNR was not possible during this trip due to the norm of the boat team.


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